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TidyTilt: It’s a Triple Threat Accessory For Your iPhone 4s

Tony Hannides May 18, 2012 0


Although the photo above might cause one to think the TidyTilt is a Smart Cover for the iPhone 4s, it’s not. But it does have a similar attribute. Essentially, the TidyTilt solved one major problem for iPhone owners, where to store my earbuds when I’m not using them. TidyTilt can be attached to the back of an iPhone 4s by magnets. When done so, it acts as a back cover for the phone. You can then use it as a mount like you would with a Smart Cover. Finally, wrap your earbuds length-wise and the close the ends of the TidyTilt.

The TidyTilt is made of soft polyurethane fabric and comes in multiple colors. The magnetic frame is only 0.7mm thin and is made of brushed aluminum. This project did so well on Kickstarter, they had were 2,231% funded. That means of the $10,000 needed to fund this project, they received over $220,000 in Kickstarter backing.

You can buy your own at BiteMyApple’s website.