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Ting Wireless Will Sell the Galaxy S III

Tony Hannides Aug 2, 2012 0

sprint galaxy s iii ltg

Want to get the Galaxy S III on prepaid? Ting Wireless has got you covered. If you haven’t heard of the company, Ting Wireless is an MVNO of Sprint as a prepaid service. What makes it different from other prepaid carriers is that they have a sliding scale style plan. You can preorder the Galaxy S III in both colors and both memory sizes for $529 or $579 respectively. Ting announced they will start selling 4GLTE enabled devices so they might be roaming off Sprint’s small but growing 4GLTE network. It’ll take up to six weeks for shipment so order as soon as you can. Plus, Ting Wireless will giveaway 2 Galaxy S III devices to 2 lucky customers.

Via »Phonescoop