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Turning your iOS devices into the ultimate baby monitor

Radford C. Jul 12, 2011 0

evoz logoThe baby industry is worth billions but very few tech companies barely get media attention from it. Evoz is now betting big on their mobile baby monitoring system and their bet may likely pay off. Evoz works through two iOS devices and details of mic usage is unknown so an older iPod touch or the first generation iPad may not work. One will be the receiver while the other plays as the monitor hooked up to Wifi with, of course, the Evoz app installed on both.

Once the system is setup, parents who are out and about can not only hear their baby but examine various statistics of baby activity that range from crying, sleeping and everything else in between. The app also includes contact info of baby health experts and sleep consultants if they have any questions or concerns.  It would be interesting to see if the app has the ability to share these stats with a network of experts. Based on the screenshots alone, you can share something – we’re just not sure just yet.

I’m wondering if the monitor can make use of Facetime with Evoz generating statistics from visuals as well as audio. Even from audio alone, there’s some ingenuity based on the type of statistics it collects.

Evoz is now in open beta. Beta participants will receive two free weeks of the premium service, including unlimited streaming anywhere in the world, unlimited email and texts, data collection and an exclusive look at new features. After the two-week period, the premium service will cost $7.99 per month, although Evoz says you’ll still be able to listen from anywhere for 30 minutes a day at no charge.

Evoz was created in 2010 by Avishai Shoham (CEO), Ruwan Welaratna (CTO) and Yasmin Lukatz (COO).

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