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Twitter Finally Launches Native Photo Sharing

Tony Hannides Aug 10, 2011 1

In the past, in order to share a picture on Twitter, one would have to use 3rd party sites like twitpic and yfrog. Now, if you still use the native Twitter website you have the ability to upload photos without leaving the site. Within the “tweet bar” you’ll see a small camera icon that allows you to add a photo from your computer.

twitter pic

The photo service is supported by Photobucket. Back in the day (which was a Wednesday), Photobucket was one of the the best sites to host your MySpace photos, glitter words and gifs. Now teaming up with Twitter, they’re back. Each photo that can be attached and hosted can be up to 3MB. And if you want to give out the exact url, it’ll look something like What’s the point of all this? Twitter hopes to support their own photo gallery for their users. We’ll see a mobile app very soon hopefully so keep your bookmarks on LTG.


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