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U.A. Releases A 1176 Classic Limiter Collection For The UAD-2 System

Sean W. Apr 19, 2012 0

Universal Audio 1176 Collection

Universal Audio have just released a new 1176 plug-in bundle that expands the possibility of the classic plug-in by delivering other unique version that have been created in the past.  The collection will work with the current UAD platform including he cards, boxes and the new Thunderbolt equipped Apollo interface.

Universal Audio have spent much time re-emulating the original hardware designed by Bill Putnam, Sr using the original design schematics and creating a near perfect re-creation that works with their UAD Powered Plug-ins platform.  This new plug-in collection will contain other models that were created in the 40+ years the original was created.

Within the collection, there are three models available.  The first follows the original design from Putnam Sr, called the “Bluestripe” version and it has a higher distortion than the other models.  The second model called the “Blackface” version is the version that was popular in the ’70s.    This model has more linear compression and reacts different to the material that is ran through the plug-in.  The last version is the 40th anniversary edition which comes with a mod allowing a 2:1 compression ratio and a fixed slow 10ms attack mode.

The 1176 collection will come with presets from engineers who have used these machines in the past.  The list includes people like Andrew Scheps who worked with the Chili Peppers and Adele, Joe  Chiccarelli who’s worked with the White Stripes and the Killers, and Ed Cherney who’s worked with Eric Clapton and Bonnie Raitt.

The collection is available now and sells for $299.  Users who have the original version will be able to get the whole package for $149 as they own one of the three plug-ins already.

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