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Ultimate Virtual Tour Of An Exotic Auto Salon

Radford C. Jun 20, 2012 0

Auto Salon Virtual Tour

Online virtual tours are nothing new but browsing through a bevy of exotic cars can make any tour that more fun. Autosalon Singen has put together one of the most detailed virtual tours you could ever see. What makes this particular virtual tour stand out from the rest is that it takes you through the dealerships entrance, through its ridiculously “expensive” showroom floor and right into cockpit of most cars. The tour even allows you to see some of the most expensive exotic sports cars in 360 degree view such as the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, etc. It’s a treat for exotics and car lovers in general.

Check the jump on the link for car erotica.

Via »Autosalon Singen