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Universal Audio adds Studer to Their Robust Plug-In Platform

Sean W. Dec 8, 2010 0

Universal Audio has released their v.5.8 update for their UAD-2 system.  With this update, they’ve added a Studer A800 tape recorder plugin to their mix.

The Studer A800 is a famous 2″ reel to reel tape recorder, used for decades for getting the warmers recording sound.  This plugin will give users the same punch and warmth as analog tape.  Studer put their stamp of approval on it.  Universal Audio touts’s this as “the world’s most accurate representation of professional analog tape recording”

Studer A800 MKIII

It doesn’t just adds warmth to the sound.  It gives all the control that one would get if they owned one of these machines.  This includes calibration levels, speed emphasis curve and different saturation levels.  Of course, since it’s digital, no more real calibration before a session, but you can change them if you want.  One instance of the plug-in will process 24 streams of audio, so that will help with your UAD cpu usage.

UA's Studer A800 Plug-in

This, of course, isn’t free.  The plug-in will set you back about $349.00.  The UAD-2 system is also required, and it’s available for laptop and desktop computers and is Mac & PC compatible.

Just the thought of this is making me revaluate whether my apartment complex needs their rent payment or not……………hmmmmmm.

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