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Until Dawn Is A Mature PS Move Horror Game…That Looks Good

Sean W. Aug 15, 2012 0

While Microsoft had Nightmares with their mature themed horror game for Kinect, Sony is making their own mature horror game that looks like it can be really good.  The game is called Until Dawn and it is a Playstation Move title that puts you into a Friday The Thirteenth kind of situation.

First off, this is no kids PS Move game and that becomes evident when the teens in the game start taking off their clothes by a fireplace in a remote cable.  The trailer goes to showing a deer carcass, a man getting strung up by chains and a masked man with a potato sack on his head.   Oh, and here was a point the character was in first person mode with a shotgun.  Until Dawn seems to give homage to classic horror movies.  There is a nod for the original Nightmare on Elm Street at the end of the trailer.

Until Dawn is for the PS3 and no release date has been announced.

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