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US Cellular is Getting the iPhone

Tony Hannides May 6, 2013 0

us cellular logo

US Cellular is finally joining the bandwagon and will be offering the iPhone to their customers. Back in 2011, US Cellular stated that the iPhone handset would not be a wise business move as it was too expensive at the time. Sprint committed to spend around $20 billion over the next 4 years for the iPhone and now US Cellular is willing to make a similar promise. However, it’s nowhere near as much as Sprint’s promise: only $1.2 billion over the next 3 years.

In any case, this might be US Cellular’s big break; they’ve lost 5% of their post paid or contract customers. Hopefully the iPhone will either keep them or attract them. Either way, US Cellular hasn’t publicly announced when the iPhone will be available. Nor have they mentioned if they’ll be offering the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. What we do know is it’ll support US Cellular’s new 4GLTE network.

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