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Versatile Motion Control Photography with the Genie

Victor B. May 16, 2012 0

Still raising funds on Kickstarter and well beyond their goal of $150,000, the Genie by New Zealand based Syrp aims to make Motion Control photography “simple, affordable and extremely easy.”  The easiest way to explain motion control photography is to just view their video, and just admire how cool the results are.  A time lapse of an interesting event is one thing, but adding a panning or slider motion during a time lapse definitely adds more production value.

This well thought out device makes setting up the shot easier not only by the hardware’s size, but there are user presets that can be used for various situations, and speeds.  The Genie has different mounts – one for a slider and the other for a tripod to switch between linear or panning modes.  A cable then connects the Genie to your camera’s remote input to activate the shutter.  The slider motion is only limited by the length of your rope, so epic sweeping shots are in the realm of possibility even for a new DSLR photographer.

An app for your mobile device like a smart phone will soon be available to also control the Genie.

At an MSRP of $999, it’s not cheap and there are other systems such as a Kessler motion control slider system which would be much more expensive once you add up all the parts.  Also, the prospect of being able to use it with any slider system is a definite plus, as is the easy to read LCD display.

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