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Vonage To Compete With Skype on iOS and Android

Tony Hannides Aug 4, 2011 0

For those of you who still have a home phone, Vonage’s VoIP service is the bees knees…That’s a good thing. For a very low price, one can call worldwide for pennies or even for free! They’ve stepped it up in the mobile realm too. Recently they’ve launched two products: Vonage Mobile for Facebook and Time to Call.

Vonage Mobile for Facebook allows iOS or Android users sign in with their Facebook account and call other Facebook users with the same app. All one needs to do to use this app is have a 3G or WiFi connect and a Facebook account. It’s that easy. Currently, Skype’s partnership with Facebook is video chat but only on their desktop platform. With Vonage’s new app, you can call them from anywhere in the world and never use your minutes. Just be careful you don’t run up international data roaming charges. This video says it all:


The other app they’ve launched is called Time to Call. Currently this app is only for the iPhone. Basically, the app allows you to call internationally on 3G or WiFi and you get the first 15 mins for free (Limited Promotion). After the free minutes pass, Vonage will charge you in 15 minute increments for a great price of $1.99/15 minutes to 100 countries!¬†Comparatively, Skype might charge you differently depending on if you call a mobile or land line. Not Vonage. They make it easy and affordable.

Neither app requires you to have Vonage’s home VoIP service. This will give you a great chance to try Vonage and join the thousands of customers who have taken advantage of this awesome service.

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