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VZW and AT&T Opt-Out of 50GB Free DropBox Promo For The Galaxy S III

Tony Hannides Jun 9, 2012 0


Thanks to the inquisitive boys at Droid-Life, we’ve found out that the Dropbox promotion that was announced at the 2012 UNPACKED event in London will not be upheld by Verizon or AT&T. As a reminder, this promotion was fairly simple. If you purchased a Samsung Galaxy S III, Dropbox would give you 50GB of storage for free for 2 years. It seems that with no explanation from the 2 carriers, they have opted out of that promotion. While some of you might be up and arms about this, the 50GB was only temporary. After your 2 years, if you had filled up your storage, you’d either pay to stay or find another cloud storage option. Who knows? Maybe will have another free 50GB promo.

Via »DroidLife