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Watch A Bunch Of Missile Trails In This PS3 Macross Game

Radford C. Aug 24, 2012 0

Macross Trial Frontier PS3

It’s Friday. One of the best ways to get the edge off for the morning is to watch a bunch of missiles spam the hell out of its victims – even better if they’re coming off a Valkyrie.¬†Bandai Namco began an experiment of releasing small original PS3 games along with their most popular anime titles in “hybrid packs.” This is one of them.

The PlayStation 3 title is based on Macross: Ultimate Frontier, which was released on the PSP a few years back. Players pilot variable fighters from the movie like the YF-25 Prophecy.

Kotaku has even a better video showing a more recent Macross game called Macross: My Boy Friend Is A Pilot.