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Watch The History of Reed Hastings and Netflix

Radford C. Apr 3, 2012 0

Debuted last year May, I came across the program under one of my favorite TV programs on Hulu Plus – Bloomberg’s Game Changers. The documentary chronicles the background of Reed Hastings, why he entered the Peace Corps, the founding of Pure Software, his departure from Adaptive Technology and the founding of Netflix. The 25 minute video also features interviews with Mitch Lowe, co-founder of Netflix, John Antioco, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Blockbuster Inc., and Michael Pachter an analyst with Wedbush Securities in Los Angeles.  The video takes the viewer from as early as Netflix’s flat rate rental-by-mail model to the streaming movie king it is today. The documentary even goes as far as the Qwikster move and other noble plans for Netflix.

Via »Bloomberg