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What is a Capta?

Tony Hannides May 8, 2012 1

capta stand

If you tend to use your smartphone for a camera more than a point/shoot or a DSLR, you’ve got to check out this new accessory. Built for almost any smartphone, the Capta is a tripod, phone stand and helps manage your sync cables on the go. How it works is simple. Capta is a single piece of metal that can be attached to most camera accessories like a tripod or GorillaPod. Once fastened, the Capta’s special formulated pads will stick to almost anything; whether its the phone or a silicon case. How good is the grip? check out these videos they posted for their Kickstarter campaign:

Of course, the Capta doesn’t have to be attached to anything; on its own, it works as a desktop stand quite well

capta stand

The team no longer needs your help with Kickstarter, as they received much more than their projected target. For only $34.99 you can buy one here.

Via »BiteMyApple