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What is Schemer?? Find Out Here!

Tony Hannides Feb 27, 2012 1

schemer logo

Every week, I make sure that all my apps on my Android device are up to date. One day, I checked out all the apps that were developed and published by ‘Google Inc.’ I knew most of them but one I had never heard of: Schemer. This is one of Google’s little secrets; a small but focused social network that’s loosely tied to Google+. The idea is simple: a digital bucket list if you will. A list of aspirations. Schemer allows you to create and share “schemes” to your Google+ circles and/or the Schemer community.

Yesterday, I signed up for Schemer on my computer. As a new user, Schemer has a section called “Find Stuff To Do.” This is a list of people who have schemed to do something in their life. Whether the scheme is to “Work for Lazy Tech Guys” or “Meet a yeti,” most schemes seem to be like a chapter in someone’s life that they want to fulfill. Personally, I schemed that I want to travel to the Philippines. As I typed that in, I found 7 other Schemer users who want to accomplish that as well. This is a fun way to meet people who have similar dreams or goals. Plus, Schemer lets you communicate with other users but you don’t have to add them to your Google+ circle.

schemer screenshot

As you get into it, you’ll begin to realize that you have a lot of dreams, goals but best of all: you’re not alone. Best of all, the Android app is very useful. Here’s the rub: Schemer is still an invite only beta service. If you want to join up, instead of trying to buy an invite off of eBay, click on the link here. I’ve only got 20 invites so join up while they’re still there.


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