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Who The Hell Is This NASA Mohawk Guy?

Radford C. Aug 6, 2012 2

So Sylar works for NASA now. NASA’s flight director Bobak Ferdowski became famous overnight not just because of what he and the rest of the Mars Curiosity team have accomplished. But thanks to his star-spangled Mohawk hairdo, he has become the heartthrob of every nerdy girl who’s watched the reaction of the NASA team throughout the internet.

In a few hours, he’s picked up 20k Twitter followers, a thousand marriage proposals, a Tumblr tribute site and some pretty hilarious LOL pics that have become the new meme. It’s crazy what a mohawk and a little virality can do.

Below are some hilarious comments retrieved off imgur’s caption-crazed community- the same community that commented in this picture:

 He lost a bet, didn’t he.

One small step for man, one giant leap for awesoe hair dos.

If it wasn’t for his hair Curiosity would have never made it.

Seriously though: “Bobak Ferdowsi”. That shit rules.

I’m pretty sure that guy’s name means he’s in an alternate sci fi universe

joe jonas……..NOPENOPENOPE.

As a straight man, he makes me rethink my priorities.

I was not aware that space program employees could look like this. See you later Imgur, i’m joining the space program.

CNN on Ferdowski regarding his overnight fame

Shira Lazar chats with Bobak Ferdowski over NASA’s 9 year mission.

Check the jump on the hilarious memed-out Tumblr page while you’re at it.

Via »Nasa Needs More Mohawks