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Windows 8 Download Leaked

Radford C. Apr 13, 2011 0

In case you’re feeling adventurous and defiant, a special build of Windows 8 is running wild in your nearest friendly neighborhood forums. Even the leaked build comes with a wallpaper titled “shhh… let’s not leak our hard work” making it all the more deliberate. You’re likely to find a build floating around on the torrent sites although we definitely do not recommend you do so. But if you’ve decided to put your sword, hat and eye patch down, you can still check out these nice screenshots with our stable copies of Window 7. Based on the screenshots alone, the leaked download eerily looks like some version of Windows 7. However, part of me feels like this is a fake leak considering how the build and title screens insist that it is Windows 7

Screenshot Gallery

LTG to investigate

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