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Windows 8 Will Support Native ISO Image Mounting

Radford C. Sep 3, 2011 0

One of the most popular searches for Windows 7 online site is how to mount an ISO image in Windows, and now Microsoft has announced that it will be a native ability in Windows 8. Third party apps filled this need in previous versions of Windows and Mac users have had this built-in to their OS via Disk Utility.

So how does this work in Windows 8? It’s quite simple – just mount” the ISO file (you can select mount from the enhanced Explorer ribbon or double-click or right-click on the file), and a new drive letter appears, indicating that the contents are now readily accessible. Underneath the covers, Windows seamlessly creates a virtual” CDROM or DVD drive for you on-the-fly so you can access your data.

Rajeev Nagar of the Principal Group Manager for Windows takes us though a quick tour of what to expect from the new feature.

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