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Windows Phone joins the enterprise market thanks to the Good app

Radford C. Feb 28, 2012 1

Good App for Windows Phone

Windows Phone joins iOS and Android in the enterprise market thanks to the Good app and IT Directors . Windows Mobile was the in thing for enterprise but not anymore. The iPhone was one of those rare times where enterprise is influenced by a consumer device. Android followed suit with all the support from manufacturers and now Windows Phone joins the gang. Thanks to the Good app. Windows Phone is in. That’s not to say that WP never had any kind of leg in. As it stands the WP handsets already have Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync but now with Good’s security, Windows Phone has been invited to the enterprise.

Via The Verge:

The company’s new Windows Phone offering supports AES-192 encryption and — thankfully — push notifications. Features that are sure to get your IT guy’s heart rate going are the ability to remotely wipe and manage phones and an option to set up rules that prevent users from copying and pasting out of the secure Good for Enterprise environment. Good says that its app will be available on a “wide range” of Windows Phone 7.5 devices when it launches in early in Q2. Our only question is, will the app make it safe to bring your phone to China?

Via »The Verge


  • Tony Hannides

    Isn't Good by Motorola? How does this affect future products that require Good if Motorola gets Google-ized?