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Windows Phone Marketplace Breaks 100,000 Apps

Radford C. Jun 20, 2012 0

They all say “it’s all about the apps”. While this number still trails significantly behind Android and iOS numbers, Windows Phone owners can rest easy knowing that there is developer support for the platform. Google Play (formerly known as the Android Marketplace) is poised to carry as many as 500,000 apps by the time Google announces its I/O conference and still trails slightly behind Apple’s App Store which is confirmed at 500,000 apps based on the last WWDC announcement.

Despite these daunting numbers, this is still an incredible achievement for a number of reasons. For one, the OS has only been around since October 2010. Secondly, it has turned the heads of game developer studios who are now considering the platform. The announcement was mirrored by what the future of Windows Phone holds: games and apps from noted developers Zynga and Gameloft, plus a number of Nokia-specific additions that will take advantage of the new hardware abilities inside Windows Phone 8 devices.

Most importantly, apps that work on Windows Phone 7.x will have a short migration update to Windows Phone 8.

We’re also hearing that Windows Phone 8 will offer in-app purchases for apps, so freemium is being pushed in a big way on the burgeoning platform. We didn’t hear anything about a re-jigged notification system, but we hope Microsoft tweaks that a little before launch.

Via »Phone Arena