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Windows Phone Marketplace Lists 180 Countries, Says Apps Can Be Pre-Loaded on SD Cards

Radford C. Jun 29, 2012 0

Looks like Microsoft is now filling the gaps from its Windows Phone Summit by releasing a list of the 180 countries that will get access to its Windows Phone Marketplace and developer app hub. This is a jump from the 63 markets it had before. The “more ways to make money” will include  in-app purchasing and other reporting features.

In-app purchasing not only provides a supplemental revenue stream but helps extend the shelf life of the app—because you can keep adding new items to keep your customers interested.

App Hub will provide tools for managing in-app commerce. You can specify what you want to sell, choose prices and countries to make it available, and use App Hub reporting tools to generate detailed sales reports.

Another new revenue-generating opportunity comes from the new enterprise features in Windows Phone 8, which Joe Belfiore outlined in his recent post. Many companies, for example, are increasingly relying on employee-targeted apps for things like filing expense reports and booking travel. – Todd Brix

Of course, it helps to advertise that you have 100,000 apps in stock to help encourage developers to write for the platform.

On top of the new Company Hub, and other features Windows Phone 8 apps can come pre-loaded on microSD cards. Carriers and OEMs will also like the fact that they can now feature apps in their own branded Marketplace storefronts, providing a new way to get them in front of customers.

If you’re wondering which 180 countries will be supported by the App Hub and Marketplace, check out the source to see the exhaustive list.

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