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Windows Phone’s embedded Facebook app hints slow progress

Radford C. Feb 16, 2012 0

nokia-lumia-800 demonstrating People Hub

Since November another 400,000 people have started using Windows Phones based on the embedded Facebook app. But when you put that number against Android and Apple, it sounds less encouraging. According to reports, there are now 1.4 million Windows Phones out there whose users have activated the embedded Facebook app. The number of “users” are tallied on its official Facebook page.

Facebook confirms that the Windows Phone page links to the embedded app. As more people activate the embedded Facebook app in the People Hub of the phone, that number increases. As of this writing, Windows Phone can claim 1.4 million owners, at least through Facebook. In fact, Facebook confirmed that “these are the core integrations for the Windows Phone 7 application”. That’s up from 1 million in November.

Based on Windows Phone’s Facebook page alone, there were 1m in mid-November, 1.3m in January and 1.4m in mid-February. With Nokia launching the Lumia 710 in Europe and the Lumia 900 in the US, we should expect that number to increase sometime soon. But again, the Lumia is only available for AT&T in the US while Sprint and Verizon are still stuck with a single WP handset.

And when compared to their competitors, adoption rate looks even more slow. Android activations were running at 700,000 per day in December and Apple sold 37m iPhones in the fourth quarter – more than 400,000 per day. When 100,000 confirmed activations where people are using the central embedded Facebook app – the People Hub – the progress isn’t quite the dramatic push for a third ecosystem that Elop might have hoped for. Nearly 18 months after its launch, Windows Phone has yet to hit real strides.

WMPowerUser has been following the graph as well but has a more optimistic outlook. They report that the ratio of “Facebook embedded app” activators to actual users of the phones is 1 in 5. If held true, there should be about 7.5 million Windows Phone handsets floating around versus the almost 1.5 million claimed through the Facebook page.

Perhaps Microsoft will start releasing some activation figures soon. MWC is just around the corner. That would help a lot.

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