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With E3 in the bag WWDC 2012 is now upon us

Radford C. Jun 11, 2012 0


Last year, the Worldwide Developer Conference and Electronic Entertainment Expo both debuted around the same time. Now, Apple will at least get the world’s full attention as people won’t be distracted from all the great games we’ve seen last week as the Cupertino-based company is revealing iOS 6 (thanks to the banners around Moscone Center), an SDK for the Apple TV, a Retina Display for MacBooks, new iMacs touting the latest operating system and possibly iTV – but we doubt the TV will make it out there.

But out of all the predictions most of the media outlets have listed out, one of the more prevalent ones is Apple’s switch from Google Maps to their own proprietary ones. It’s an answer to last week’s internal Google Maps Event that has me curious over Apple’s new alignment with Google. In the past, Apple and Google worked closely together to get the iPhone in position. Now with both companies’ mobile operating systems at each other’s throats and one mobile OS sneaking up from the Redmond-based software giant, we’re likely to see some changes in iOS to keep Windows Phone from smoking them as well.

It’ll be interesting. Stay tuned for coverage of the WWDC.