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Words With Friends on Android Gets A Big Update

Tony Hannides Jul 28, 2011 0


from zynga.comIf you’ve been playing Words With Friends on an Android device, you’ve seen a few bugs here and there. The guys at Zynga have been working hard to cut down the lag time and fix in-game chat. Today, they’ve succeed with an extra bonus: Facebook integration. iOS users have already received this update and Android was “late to the party.” Basically, you have the ability to play with friends on Facebook. Now, this doesn’t mean you can jump online, login to Facebook and play. All it does is help improve your search for other people that are playing the game on their mobile devices. Plus, I’m sure there will be wall postings of who beat who and by how much. Nevertheless, I believe this will help revitalize Android users to go back and play the game again. Personally, I’m still waiting for a paid version but I’ll be patient.

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