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Wow, These Rayman Legends Wii U Gamers Are Pissed; Over 15 MInutes of Complaints

Sean W. Feb 8, 2013 2


If you havent heard, Ubisoft announced the other day that Rayman Legends, once a Wii U exclusive is now going multi-platform.  The game has been delayed seven months and will be released on the three consoles at the same time.  Considering Rayman Legends was a big announced Wii U exclusive at E3, 2012, some people have become really pissed.

Here is a video on YouTube that features over 15 minutes of complaints from the Wii U Miiverse.

Some of the highlights are:

“Why should us Wii U owners have to wait six months for an already finished product.”  –  Gabe

“Omg, I can’t believe Rayman Legends is Delayed.  I am canceling my pre-order and not showing support” – Andres

“Not even a timed-exclusive? Come on, Ubi.  You used to be cool….. :_(” – Morg.Lamia

“Shame on you Ubi to have reported Rayman Legends.  I’ll boycot your games” – Benj63

“I’m glad that my anger against Ubi was during the Wii era, Now I’m not surprised, I knew this was coming. – DonRamon

“Guess I’ll be buying Rayman: Legends on the 360. Gotta go where the achievements are. – Jag

“Great, Ubi$oft!” – Michele

“I’m afraid my pre-order for Rayman Legends has been canceled, I will get it on budget instead.” – Alex

“I hate you now Ubi…” – Samuel

And this goes on and on.

If you’re a Wii U owner, are you upset about the recent multi-platform news of Rayman Legends?

  • Radford C.

    Can’t blame Ubisoft at all at this move. Nintendo should consider catering to its 3rd parties. If Bayonetta 2 follows, we’ll be hearing the same thing.

  • Rich

    A release on multi-platform, I can support that. Delaying a game that is finished, which was promised to fans and behind the backs of its designers, messed up. Were not talking about a couple weeks or a month here, we are talking about delaying a finished game until September. Ubisoft should be held accountable for this. The fact that they stated that they are offering a demo because they love their fans really ticks me off.