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XBL Grows Video App List With Crackle and CinemaNow

Radford C. Feb 2, 2012 0


It’s been awhile since waiting for Microsoft to drop all of the video apps they promised on XBox Live.  Slowly but surely the Xbox 360’s list is getting longer – the latest pair to show up at the marketplace hooks us up with a bunch of free movie rentals while the other gives us access to some the typical paid streaming entertainment.

What makes Crackle loved by many is its premium movies and TV shows at no cost but its Achilles Heel continues to be  its the selection. But, if you’re open to some movies you haven’t seen without having to spend any of your hard-earned bucks, the app is right up your alley and it’s a free download. Best Buy’s CinemaNow on the other hand is going to make you break out the wallet if you want to get your digital stream on, but they totally make up for it by having a lot more to choose from, including new releases.

While we’re happy to see these apps finally make their way to our lovely home consoles there’s still one we’re waiting on – HBO Go. I’m a huge fan of the streaming service HBO provides, letting users watch every episode of every series they have put out in recent years, but I’m really getting tired of the wait. What’s the hold up guys? All I want to do is watch Game of Thrones (again) through my Xbox, is that asking too much?

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