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XBox 360 breaks $56 Billion in retail sales

Radford C. May 29, 2012 0

Microsoft announced in its official blog that the the 360 has pulled in $56 billion through retail with 47 percent share of the market in the latest battle of the console wars between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo (in the US). Additionally, Microsoft has sold 19 million Kinect peripherals with 40 million XBox Live subscribers. “We have been able to defy gravity compared to where consoles traditionally are at this point in their lifecycle,” said Chief Marketing Officer Yusuf Mehdi. “Sales for Xbox 360 in year five were greater than in year four, sales in year six were greater than in year five, and sales in year seven were greater than in year six.”

The software giant also boasted its climbing sales over time as the console continues to rack up sales thanks to its ubiquitous use as a gaming device and multi-channel content provder. With Manga Entertainment just jumping in the XBL apps as well as the recent announcement of Amazon Instant Video now available as an XBL app, Mehdi mentions how entertainment has become a multi-screen experience and has helped continue to push XBox’s lifetime sales.

Below is a report showing the “normalized” US Console Hardware sales versus the Wii and PS3 over a number of years. The left number represents sales in millions while the bottom bar represents the year the console has stood within those sales.

Defying Gravity - Normalized US Console Hardware Sales via NPD

Defying Gravity – Normalized US Console Hardware Sales via NPD

Via »Microsoft Blog