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Youtube Gets 20 Billion Views In The Month Of October

Sean W. Nov 30, 2011 0

ComScore, an advertisement agency that is known to use their statistics to judge internet traffic, has just revealed that Youtube has hit 20 billion views in just one month.  That’s some serious web traffic.

This is the first time, according to ComScore, that Youtube has received over 20 billion in a single month.  The next closest was VEVU coming in second with 827  million views and Hulu with 791 million.  Youtube, according to this study, accounts for 49% of all video web traffic in the United States.

It would be nice if LTG had this kind of traffic.  Hey everyone, tell a friend, tell a neighbor, tell your cousins that LTG is here, maybe we can catch up to the billions of views YouTube gets……..yeah probably not, but tell you friends anyway.