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Zen Pinball Has Come To The iOS Platform

Sean W. Dec 1, 2011 0

Zen Studios is bringing their extremely awesome pinball video game to the iOS platform.  As an avid lover of Zen Pinball (and Marvel Pinball, made by the same studio), I can say that every iOS device just got that much better.  Zen Pinball is coming to the iOS platform……and it is free.

The game launches with one table, Sorcerer’s Lair, one of the good table from the collection they have with lots of special effects and several table layers.  Zen Pinball’s tables are full features and have some of the best ball physics around.  In other words, no floaty ball.  Since it is a video game, Zen’s tables feature things that would not be possible on a real table, like spiders coming down form a ceiling that must be hit or portals that warp the ball instantly to other parts of the table.

They have two expansions tables available also, Wolverine and Captain America, both of which are part of the Marvel Pinball collection.

As I told Tony right as I found out about this, get this game.

Here’s a video of the Android version of this game which is also free.