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Zynga With Friends – A New Social Gaming Network

Radford C. Jun 27, 2012 6

Zynga launched Zynga with Friends – a new cross-platform gaming network that was announced at the Zynga Unleashed event on Tuesday. Zynga with Friends will bring together all players from various platforms like Facebook, iOS, Android and others into a more, well, Zynga centered site where friends can jump from game to game or see what people are playing. Zynga with Friends will have its own social layer which is comprised of features like zFriends, a live social stream and chat.

It also includes Zynga’s new multi-player feature across supported games which enables players to compete with their friends. Additionally, the company also announced “Matching with Friends,” which launched commercially today. It also announced several partnerships with other mobile game makers to act as a publisher for their titles. One of these game makers is Atari, though no details were given as to which game Zynga might launch from the well-known game maker.

Zynga also showcased several recent and coming releases, such as Farmville 2 and plans to open more of its network to third-party game producers as the company evolves to become a larger publisher of mobile and social games beyond its own properties.

From the Zynga site:

Texas-based mobile game company Newtoy was founded in 2008 by brothers Paul and David Bettner, alongside chief operating officer Michael Chow. The company focused on building high-quality entertainment experiences for mobile platforms. Newtoy developed some of the most popular mobile social games in the world, and its Games With Friends franchise, including Chess and Words With Friends, is the most popular gaming platform on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, with millions of people playing daily.

In December 2010, Zynga acquired Newtoy, which became the Zynga With Friends studio. Since the acquisition, Zynga With Friends has launched Hanging With Friends, Words With Friends on Facebook and has been working on new With Friends titles.

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