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A-JAYS One+ Android Earphones Review

Sean W. Aug 20, 2012 0
4 out of 5 Rating

The A-JAYS One+ are a new set of earphones from JAYS that are designed to work with Android handsets.  The One+ features a single button that is used for basic navigation and come in the colors black or white.

The A-JAYS One+ are four feet long and are lightweight.  The cable is flat instead of round which prevents it from tangling up.  The earpiece and 1/8 inch connections feel solidly attached to the cable so there’s no sense these earphones would break easily. The One+ comes with five sizes of in-ear pads from large to small to fit a variety of ear canals.  The single button feels solid   and the microphone is located on the back of the box that holds the button.

A-Jays One Plus Earphones 03

One Button Operation

The One+ special feature compared to other earphones from the company is that it uses a single button for controlling the Android phone.  There is a JAYS controller app that will give better customization on how the earphones control the phone and it can be found on the Google Play store.   To control the phone, a combination of button presses is used.  There are single presses, a button press and holding down the button, double tapping the button and triple tapping the button.  While single presses and press then press again holding the button down works fine, double presses and triple presses do not.  There are many times when trying a double tap that it will register as a single tap, or triple tap attempt is read as a double tap.  It is not clear how fast or slow the press the button in succession so, after a while, I just used the single press function.  The included app allows these functions to be modified so if the function that was preset at triple tap is one that you want to use, then it can be changed to single tap or another combination.  Using an app like Headset Droid which cost $3 would help as it does allow one to adjust he speed of the button presses.

A-Jays One Plus Earphones 02

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the One+ is excellent.  The bass is punchy and deep but never overshadows the rest of the music.  The earphones do not have piercing high frequencies that can cause ear fatigue and listening to music through them is very enjoyable.  The overall sound is smooth and clear with a solid bass that never becomes to much no matter the genre.

Voice conversations through the earphones also sound good as they do a excellent job of blocking out exterior sounds.  The microphone works well and does a good job of filtering out any handling noise.  This makes conversations better for the person on the other end of the phone as they will only hear your voice, not the sound of microphone hitting your clothing.  The microphone picks up the voice well as normal and soft speech is can be heard clearly.

A-Jays One Plus Earphones 01


The A-JAYS One+ are a great set of earphones that feel sturdy and sound great.  The thin cable design prevents the earphones from becoming tangled up within itself and add a look of uniqueness to the One+.  The single button operation is not perfect as double and triple clicks are hard to time perfectly in order to register “next song”.  The sound is warm, rich and clear with a lot of bass that never interferes with other instruments.  These are a great set of earphones that could do with a bit more button control.