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Accessory Review: Aviiq Portable Quick Stand

Tony Hannides Feb 29, 2012 0
4.5 out of 5 Rating

For the last few days, I’ve been using a nifty device with my laptop. It’s call the Portable Quick Stand by Aviiq. It’s a lightweight stand is designed to work with tablets, netbooks or laptops up to 17″. Luckily, my HP laptop is 17″. I’ve used it for around a week now and I can safely say, it’s quite handy to have around. The device, collapses easily to fit in laptop bags, has rubber corners to grip with the table and comes in 5 colors.

At first, I thought it was some what flimsy. I wasn’t sure if it could support my heavy laptop. The stand only weighs around 5 oz and is less than 1/4″ thick. The material is called Hylite. Because of how it folds up, when I placed it on the desk, I had to hold it down because it doesn’t stand on it’s own until the device is leaning on it. The one concern I have is you need to make sure you’re propping up the stand on the correct side of the triangle. If you try to stand it up on the wrong side, it’ll collapse right away.

Once my laptop was settled, it felt like it was stable and secure. I didn’t feel like it would slide off the stand because of the rubber edges. I began to use it daily to post on LTG and realized that due to its ergonomic design, my wrists didn’t hurt after hours of writing. Another added bonus of the stand was that it gave my laptop better airflow. Believe me, my laptop is almost 6 years old. It gets hot very easily so the more increased airflow I can get the better.

Finally, I’m very surprised with their 3 year warranty. Most accessory companies will offer you a 90 day or 12 month warranty. I would love to tell you what the 3 year warranty covers but unfortunately the website I was directed to leads to “page not found.” When I went directly to the accessory’s sales page, it only talked about a 30 day money back¬†guarantee. Nevertheless, I’m sure the company’s customer support department will help you out.

This little accessory can be a benefit for any professional on the go. It’s small enough to bring along with you on a business trip and sturdy enough to support most laptops. If you’re into getting the right color, it comes in black, grey, green, blue and magenta. You can buy the Portable Quick Stand for $39.99 directly from their website, Amazon or Best Buy. I plan to bring it with me everywhere when I use my new PowerBag.