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[Accessory Review] Griffin + Threadless Folio for the New iPad and iPad 2

Tony Hannides Jun 24, 2012 0
4.5 out of 5 Rating

You’ve probably seen some of the reviews of Griffin accessories we’ve done as well as seen their products at various retail stores. However, you may not be as familiar with Threadless. Originally, it was created as a community-based website that sells independent artists’ work onto t-shirts. They started to venture off into selling their works on books, bags and now iPhone cases and iPad folios. Currently, the Griffin + Threadless iPad folios fit both the New iPad and the iPad 2 and they come in 4 designs:

  • Atlantis

Image Courtesy of Griffin + Threadless

  • Peacock

Image Courtesy of Griffin + Threadless

  • Circle Dots

Image Courtesy of Griffin + Threadless

  • Canals

Image Courtesy of Griffin + Threadless


Here’s a video about their mission statement and their ambitions:

First off, we got a chance to look at the Atlantis design by artist Matt Leyen from Altamonte Springs, Florida. With the all the designs available, you can also download the matching wallpaper onto your iPad if you choose. The same ability goes for their iPhone cases.

Assembly & Setting Up

The Griffin + Threadless folio is made of a heavy-duty canvas material, leather binding and with a micro-suede inside cover. The front and back covers are thick and feel very protective; if you were to drop your iPad, rest assured it should be safe. This is a book-like folio but it does not have a magnetic front cover so it will not shut off your iPad.

Your iPad slides easily into the pre-cut compartment on the inside to the right, and is secured by the standard folio flap we’ve seen in most folios. The cut out design allows you to see the whole screen as well as the front facing camera and the home button. At the bottom, the charging port and speaker port are perfectly bordered by the folio. The top side does not cover any of the side buttons, nor does it cover your on/off switch or headphone jack. When listening to music, the speaker is not covered and it isn’t difficult to use any of the iPads buttons. As for the camera, the folio has a perfect cut out so you can use it without any worry.

The Griffin + Threadless folio can be used 3 different ways, booklet, TV Stand and keyboard stand. As a booklet, the front cover just flips over to the back. As a TV stand or keyboard stand, secure the front cover into the rear tab; this creates a wedge. Using it as a keyboard stand, as long as the cover is securely fastened, it works great. As a TV stand, it stays up and doesn’t fall over.


I’ve reviewed many folios and this one is no different. Although the Griffin + Threadless does have one benefit: supporting an up and coming artist. Other than that, it does its job of protecting your iPad with no problems. If you’re a fan of the different designs, this might be a great buy for you. Otherwise, Griffin has some other folios of regular colors and designs.

Buy it? Try it? Trash it?

Because of the nature of the folio’s design, it might not be for everyone. But what this does prove is Griffin continues to be a leader in iOS accessories. Head over to their online store to see what case or folio might be available that better suits your liking. The iPad folios are $49.99.

front cover

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