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[App Review] Diptic for iOS (Video)

Tony Hannides Jun 20, 2012 0
5 out of 5 Rating

With the rising popularity of sharing photos on the go, there are many different apps that give you customization abilities. One of the most popular is called Diptic. Available for both Android and iOS, this app gives the user not only filter features but the ability to create a collage of photographs. We were able to get an exclusive look at the app using the iPad 3rd gen.


diptic screenshot 2

Setting Up

Using the app on the iPad 3rd gen, it can only be viewed in portrait mode. As you’ll see in the video, there are 5 simple steps. First, you choose the layout. Diptic offers 54 different layouts to select. Each layout has different sized photo frames; you can choose frame from one photo to a frame with 6 separate photos. Once selected, you then choose the photos. The photos selected can be found on the device, on Facebook, Flickr or take a photo instantly. Under the transform tab, you have options to rotate or flip photos; also you can change the size of each photo and its borders around it. Under the effects tab, this is where the fun really begins. You have filters for each photo as well as lighting options. Also, if you want to change the thickness of the borders or change the corners from right angled to rounded, this is your chance. And finally, export the finished product to your favorite social networks.

Demonstration Video


For only $0.99, this is a killer app. You have full control of what photos to use, you can edit the lighting and filters of each in post. Also, this is one of the few 3rd party apps that can post directly onto Instagram. If you’re a fan of photo sharing and photo customization, this app is a must.