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Appreciate: Apps With Friends (Android App Review)

Tony Hannides Jul 27, 2012 1
5 out of 5 Rating

How many times have you searched the Google Play Store for that one perfect app but felt you were just searching and wasting your time? You’re not alone. Appreciate is an Android app that essentially recommends other apps based off the apps you’ve already downloaded. Also, you can see what sort of apps your friends have on their phones (Android only). We spent a little time with the app to see how good its recommendation engine really was. Here’s our review.

The app itself can be found in the Google Play Store. It is coined as “Your Personal App Market” and it does live up to its name. Once installed you’ve got 2 options to sign in: Facebook or an Appreciate sign in. If you’re not a fan of using Facebook Connect, that’s understandable but it’s important to know you might not get the full functionality out of the app. With the FB sign in, you can share your new found apps on Facebook and if other friends are using Appreciate, you can peer into their app collections. Without it, you can find other Appreciate users in the Appreciate Community or just use the app for recommendations and not for sharing.

Right away, you’ll see new recommendations for you based off the apps you already have installed on your device. If you swipe to the left, you’ll notice other categories of recommendations: Daily New Games, Daily New Apps, Local (popular apps in your country), Apps for Guys, Apps for Girls, Apps for Kids, Apps for Tablets, Trending Games, Trending Apps, Top Games and Top Apps. If you’ve already downloaded the app, there’ll be a check on the icon. If the app costs money, there’ll be a $ on the icon. Back on the main page under Daily for You there’s 2 additional sections: Following and Community.

Following works best if you’re signed into Facebook, otherwise you can start from scratch and follow new people in the Appreciate Community. Once you’ve tapped on a user’s name you get a glimpse of all their apps they’ve downloaded. Also, it’ll tell you how many apps you have in common. Once you tap on an app, it’ll give you all the app info you need: total number of downloads, screenshots, memory size, comments and a description. If you download an app you find on their list, you can “thank” them; it’ll send them a notification to their phone saying “thank you for helping me find this app.” It’s a kind gesture but doesn’t really help you with more recommendations. If you want to share the app with your friends you can post it on Facebook, email a link or send them a text. The team is working on sharing to other networks like Google+.

When it comes to downloading apps, it couldn’t be simpler. Once you’re in the app screen, click on the arrow pointing down (download arrow) at the top of the screen or scroll down to the bottom and “add to cart.” You can add as many apps you want when you add to cart. Either way, when you click on install, Appreciate opens up the phone’s Google Play Store and initiates the downloads. This is using the official Google Play Store; no sideloading at all.

The app’s UI design is very easy to get used to. There’s very little typing involved, you scroll and swipe your way through. Each app’s icon is easy to see and recognize but the apps’ titles can be a little small due to screen room. Since the app is also designed for tablets, it works very easily on a larger screen too. Some of the most helpful sections are Apps for Guys, Apps for Kids and Apps for Tablets. You could be spending pointless hours trying to find an app that best suits you and Appreciate might have already found it for you. The only concern one might have is opening up your app collection to strangers and/or your Facebook friends. Yes, even people in the Appreciate Community can see all your apps, even without following you. Now this doesn’t really show anything else, no email address or user names but if you’re not a fan of being out in the open, you might not want to download this app.

The app is free to try and there aren’t any annoying ads to block your experience. I do recommend this app for those who are always searching for the next coolest mobile app. Download the app via the link below.

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This app was developed by Triapodi Ltd.