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BioShock Infinite PS3 Move Review

By Sean W. On May 6, 2013 0
4.5 out of 5 Rating


Bioshock Infinite is a first person shooter developed by Irrational Games, the developers of the original 2007 critically acclaimed hit Bioshock.  The game is single player only and can be played with a standard controller or with PS Move.  This is a review of Bioshock Infinite using the PS Move controller.


Bioshock Infinite takes place in 1912 and is about a Pinkerton name Booker Dewitt who is sent on a quest to the floating city of Columbia to rescue a girl named Elizabeth.  Columbia is a floating city in the sky that has gone rogue from the United States of America and seceded.  It is ran by a man named Zachary Comstock who has arisen to the title of prophet to the people of Columbia.  The city is fully thought out with skyscrapers, monuments, factories, shopping areas, a beach and more.  At just about any time, you can just look over an edge and see the city spanning into the background surrounded by clouds.  All in all, Columbia looks fantastic and easily presents an interesting world to experience.

The story of Bioshock Infinite is a mature one. The game world is a complete one, beautiful settings with underlining racism and a rebellion fueled by class warfare. The game’s plot was not dumbed down for the masses as it will have you thinking long after you’ve completed the adventure.  The game will pull you into the world and have you enwrapped at the start, but some of the later levels start to feel like filler.  You’ll find yourself needing to backtrack over some areas blowing though hoards of enemies just to get to the next section.


The game is not an extremely long escort mission or a “damsel in distress” type of story.  Elizabeth is rescued early in the game and she will accompany you along the way but she can take care of herself.  When a battle starts, she’ll run to the nearest cover close your location.  She won’t just hide away and be inactive though, she’ll actually throw you helpful items like ammo and health whenever you’re running low so having her around is fantastic.  She will also throw you money and point out the location of items in the environment.

Elizabeth is a gifted girl who has the ability to create tears.  Tears are gateways into other dimensions.  These tears appear as options that can be interacted with like health packs, ammo, gun turrets and more.  The tears also giveaway upcoming battle locations as you’ll notice medical packs and turrets spread around in a room as you enter it.

There are a lot of guns in Bioshock Infinite, being variations of rifles, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles and more.  Only two weapons can be carried at a time but the game always has weapons lying about that can be grabbed if the one you’re holding is running low on ammo.  Not all the guns seem to pack a punch but the gun play in Infinite is fun.  It’s so fun that it’s it’s easy to forget to use the vigors.

Vigors are the special attacks that Booker uses with his left (he shoots with his right).  One vigor is called Devils Kiss and allows Booker to throw fireballs at the enemies. Another vigor is called Bucking Bronco which lifts the enemies in the air and suspends them there for target practice.  The vigors use salt to charge them and salt can be found just about everywhere.  Each of the vigors also have a secondary-fire mode which can be used as traps for approaching enemies.  Using them is the key the success in the higher difficulty levels and chaining them in the right way can create some seriously damaging effects on the enemies.

Bioshock Infinite features skylines that connect different floating islands of Columbia together, and you get travel along them at high speeds battling foes who can do the same.  Riding the skylines is surprisingly easy.  Just point the cursor at the skyline and pressing X will launch Booker to the skies.  From there he can fire down on enemies and launch himself down towards them for an instant kill.  The skylines add an interesting element to the gameplay as you can take a battle to the skies or fight on the ground, both of which are fun and easy to perform in the game.

The game starts off strong introducing a lively Columbia full with people all around living a privileged lifestyle. Don’t let that Utopian look fool you as Bioshock is a very bloody game and the bright blue skies only help to highlight the red of blood that will splatter all throughout the game.  About halfway through the game, Bioshock Infinite will become a “video game” full of backtracking which seem to pad the game play-time a bit.  There are a couple of these parts in succession within the game at which point the game play and story become streamline toward the ending.

PS Move

Bioshock Infinite is probably the best possible example of how to use the PS Move in a first person shooter.  The calibration is simple, only has to be done once and is extremely accurate.  The big advantage for using the PS Move over the controller is with the Move, the cursor does not have to remain in the middle of the screen.  Your character will be able to move freely in any direction while shooting at just about anywhere on the screen.  The turning is smooth in all directions and though there is a sensitivity setting in the menu, there is no need to change it after the initial calibration.

The game has a little auto aim built in for keeping up with the enemies fine movements.  Pointing the cursor at the objects and pressing X will pick them up.  Using the PS Move gives the ability to target anywhere on the screen while moving freely in any direction is a key advantage that is helpful in the game.

When using the move controller, the screen starts to turn to the side when the cursor is about halfway from the center of the screen to the edge.  Moving the cursor closer to the edge speeds up the turning but the turning speed never becomes out of hand.  In the heat of battle, I rarely if ever found myself out of control.  The only time I lost my orientation is when a cut scene ended and I regain control of the character, he alway’s started looking straight up. PS Move with Bioshock Infinite made the shooting more ‘arcade-like’ and simply more fun.


The sound design in the game is excellent. The city is full of life with conversation all around from the non-playable characters.  The music score brings in exciting set-pieces and, when the action picks up, adding suspense throughout the game. The most unique element with Bioshock Infinite and the music are the surprise pop song compositions that you’ll find throughout the game.  As you hear them, they’ll probably surprise you and catch you a little off guard  that is, given that you take the time to stop and check out the tunes.  Completely optional but fun.

Bioshock Infinite is an excellent game with a great presentation, production values, story and gameplay.  But it is a game and there are parts of Bioshock Infinite where it will feel like a video game.  There is some game padding in the later stages and a bit of backtracking.  The shooting in Bioshock Infinite is great, enough so that it takes away the need for the vigors, at least in the lower difficulties.  The story is memorable and  will have you thinking after completion of the game.
The replay value is the only thing lacking on Bioshock Infinite. As much fun as it was to play through the game, the only reason to play through it again is for challenge.  There’s no multiplayer mode so playing with friends is not an option.  The low replay value may be a bit of a bummer for sum, but the gameplay is fun enough to consider a second run-through.
Using the PS Move only adds to the experience of the game.  There is a bit of auto-aim which kicks in when trying to target moving enemies but that doesn’t distract from the fun of the game. The gun-play had more of an arcade feel to it when compared to using a controller and it was simply more enjoyable. Bioshock Infinite is a great game that becomes better with the PS Move.
  • Interesting story with mature themes like racism, class warfare and revolution.
  • Great shooting
  • PS Move controls are accurate and improve gameplay.
  • Backtracking makes the game feel like a video game
  • Low replay value
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Irrational Games
ESRB M (Mature)
Platform: , ,
Price: $59.99