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Bartab Review

Tony Hannides Jun 28, 2011 1


“You owe me a drink” can be a common phrase among friends. Therefore, it is the natural progression to venture off into the city or town to order some libations for your palette . We’re always looking for deals on drinks, especially if you’re going with a group. Sometimes the bar, lounge or club has a nightly special, but you’re just looking for a simple beer or glass of wine. Only if there was a way to get a great deal, pay after you’re done, AND have someone pay for it. Look no further: The Bartab mobile app is here! Buy someone a drink without being at the bar!

Bartab is a great service available to anyone with a phone and a credit card. This San Francisco based company has partnered with bars all across the United States. If you order the drinks, you can purchase from their website or from their apps on iOS and Android. You sign in with Facebook, select the bar, select the drink, select the recipient and you’re done! Honestly, it is a simple as that. There is a small catch, the person you send the drink to has to be your friend on Facebook. Nevertheless, hopefully you’re going with your friends anyway.

As the recipient, you can either show proof of the purchase through the app or a text message from Bartab. That’s it! It couldn’t be easier. And the best part is, all the drinks are $1! I tried the Android app with a bar I used to frequent by my work. Usually, a pint of beer would cost $5 or $3 during Happy Hour. Now with Bartab, not only do I beat the system, I’m inclined to check out other bars that are partnered with this service. Finally, the last and final catch: Only one drink per bar per day. But like I mentioned before, this is a great excuse for bar-hopping! Enjoy and be safe!! 21+ Only



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Rating: ★★★★¾ 

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