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Collatio Wallet Case by Acase Premium for iPhone 5 Review

By Tony Hannides On Dec 27, 2012 0
2.5 out of 5 Rating


The Collatio Wallet Case is a case solution attempted by Acase Premium, to combine both a wallet for money and cards and an iPhone 5 case in one. Back when people still used Palm Pilots, the wallet case was very popular, especially with businessmen. However, the fad died out almost as soon as Palm products lost their edge. The Collatio Wallet Case is 100% leather, holds money, up to 3 cards and of course, holds your iPhone 5. We had a week to test out the wallet case and although I had high hopes, it ended up being a let down.


The wallet case is made up of actual 100% leather. The stitching looks to be very sturdy and doesn’t look like it’ll get loose very easily. On the outside, the cover has a glossy look with a grippy texture. The wallet case opens up like a book, the “hinge” area looks to be reinforced, just in case of fraying or potential rips or tears. On the left side of the inside, you’ve got your 3 slots for credit cards and a larger pocket for money. There is no window to display your ID so if you plan on keep it in your wallet, expect to have to remove it from the wallet every time. The iPhone 5 slides into place on the right side of the wallet case. A thin wall of leather covers the iPhone on its edge, preventing it from sliding out. All the orifices are easily accessible and do not require you to take out the phone to use (ie headphone jack and/or charging port). There’s even a small out line of where the volume buttons are, just so it’s a little easier to raise and lower your phone’s volume accordingly.


“The first concern is the inner cover of the case; it scratches easily.”

Honestly, I was really hoping this accessory would be a winner. The materials seemed to be high end the concept seemed simple to execute and accomplish. The first concern is the inner cover of the case; it scratches easily. This may be more aesthetic but I wouldn’t expect the leather to scratch to easily and quickly. Second, the iPhone’s light sensor is covered by the leather border so the screen dims almost immediately. This made using the phone almost impossible while being in the bright sunlight. What’s more, the cut out for the camera wasn’t properly thought out either. While it might look like the camera won’t be covered, when the flash is enabled, it leaves a white halo on the picture. Below are 2 photos taken with the iPhone 5; one with the case and one without the case.

Photo taken with the case

Photo taken without the case

The front facing camera isn’t much better either. Overall, the case might look really high end and worthwhile; it’s not.


The Collatio wallet case has failed in a number of ways. To recap, it scratches easily, the camera cutout causes a white halo, the light senor is covered and there’s only three slots to store cards. Most of us have more than three cards in our wallets. Honestly, the only good thing about the case is the outside of the case. It looks like a fancy book and the Acase logo is placed in the corner in a very classy manner. Acase has many great products, some of which we’ve reviewed in the past. However, this wallet case is not one of them.

Special thanks to Eric Sopang who helped by providing the phone and feedback of the case.

  • Durable
  • Scratches easily
  • Light sensor is covered
  • Camera is partially covered
  • Only 3 slots to hold cards
Brand: ,
Price: $39.90
Product Info
Features: iPhone 5 Case. Compatibility: The New iPhone (iPhone 5) 2012 Model
100% high quality genuine leather inside, prevents iPhone slip from protective case.
The iPhone 5 case can access to all buttons and features.
Slots Conveniently Hold credit cards and business cards.
Everything Else