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Cushi Pillow Review

Tony Hannides May 15, 2012 0
4.5 out of 5 Rating

The simplicity in this accessory is what makes it a winner. The Cushi by Ipevo is literally a pillow for your iPad (although you can use it with any tablet). I have to admit, when I first saw the accessory, I was a tad dubious of its benefits. However, within a few minutes this is definitely a luxury accessory that most people will enjoy.


There’s no box, just a plastic wrap with tape to rip open. There are no batteries to install so the pillow is ready to go.


By itself, the pillow weighs only 13oz or 375 grams. The thick pillow bottom rests nicely on your legs or wherever you want to place it. The top triangular piece can flip open to leave more room on top of the bottom pillow. Why would you need that? Simple: wireless keyboard (not included with Cushi).

Otherwise just keep the top folded normally and sit the iPad or tablet on top. You can rest the tablet either landscape or portrait and it stays up because the bottom side is resting up against a stopper (which doubles as the logo tag). The one reason why I really like this product is it makes it very comfortable to watch movies are use my iPad while I’m in bed or watching TV. Instead of holding the iPad with one hand or raising my knees for support, this solves those problems.

The Cushi comes in 6 great colors: tangerine, lemongrass, charcoal gray, light khaki, blue denim and honeysuckle. They’re only $34.99 and can be purchased from either their official page or their Amazon page.


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