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Customized Mahogany iPad Case by Woodchuck Review

By Tony Hannides On May 21, 2013 0
3.5 out of 5 Rating


Customizing our electronics with cases and skins is one way we can be public about our creative side. We’ve seen different styles of cases, different colors, some with gimmicks and some that are pure garbage. Woodchuck is an American company that prides itself in designing cases and skins for electronics that connects users back to nature. 100% American designed and 100% American made, the Woodchuck cases are minimalist style with a touch of the forest. Woodchuck offers cases and skins for iPhone, the Galaxy S III, iPad, MacBook Pros, Dr. Dre Beat Headphones and the Kindle Fires. The use 3 types of wood: birch, walnut and mahogany. We had the previlage to check out their mahogany iPad Next-Gen case.


Woodchuck really wants to emphasis that they are environmentally friendly. First of all, the packaging was made up of recycled material. There was very little extra paper as the instructions were printed on a very small piece of recycled cardstock. Then of course, you had the iPad case. Honestly, this is more like an iPad skin. It comes in 2 pieces already pre-cut adhesives for the iPad but it doesn’t cover the whole iPad like a case would.


Woodchuck also allows customized engraving on all their products. Initially, I thought I was getting a skin for my Android device, hence the Android logo. Nevertheless, it looks fine on my iPad. The engraving was copied from a photo that I sent the Woodchuck team. While I didn’t specify what size or direction I wanted the engraving, they placed it sideways and it was engraved with fine detail. The only problem I had was the logo I ordered is upside down whenever I use the Smart Cover as a stand. But that has nothing to do with the quality of the skin.

Aside from the engraving, I was a little worried that the case skin wouldn’t be enough protection. Then I realized that compared to those who use the iPad with just a Smart Cover, the skin offers a small buffer. And before you ask, it is real wood, not a vinyl. You feel the grain brush against your hands every time you handle it.


Adhering the skins doesn’t take an expert, just patience. I first attached the larger rear piece to the iPad. First I cleaned the back with alcohol and wiped it clean with a microfiber cloth. Then I lined up the camera cut out with the skin and just eyeballed it to make it centered and straight. Years of being in retail and applying screen protectors for customers ended up being a big help.

The front cut out was a little harder. I started at the top so the front camera wasn’t covered by accident. I slowly stripped off the adhesive cover to reveal the glue and right away, the left side of the cut out was covering a small corner of the screen. Luckily, I didn’t press down on the cut out so I was able to remove quickly and fix my mistake. As you can see in the photo, it looks pretty good but the one thing I didn’t account for was making sure the Home Button cover was right over the actual Home Button. I can press the cover and the button responds just like it would without the cover.


As long as you apply the cut outs properly, you should be able to use your iPad (or whatever electronic) like you would before. What’s nice is the Woodchuck skins still allow you to use a Smart Cover with the iPad so you still have some front protection, auto shut off and a viewing stand for the iPad. I was hoping the wood would somehow absorb the heat from the iPad when you overuse it, but that is not the case. Furthermore, even with the iPad getting very hot (I mean really really hot), the adhesive/glue did not melt. This means if you ever wanted to remove the skin, you’ll find some 3M residue left over.

“The Woodchuck skin is for looks, not protection.”

The Woodchuck skin is for looks, not protection. And it doesn’t really offer any additional grip. If you’re hard on your iPad, you might want to think twice about getting this. However, if you show more respect for your electronics than me, then this skin is a nice touch. Just remember, all the corners of the iPad are exposed. I was partly hoping that the rear skin was actually a full-on back cover; no such luck. So is the Woodchuck skin reliable? For what it is, yes. It won’t come unglued, no splinters, very nice looking and shows off a portion of the American forests.


Woodchuck’s vision is to offer a quality American made product that reminds us all about the majestic woods and forests throughout our nation. While it’s not really a case per say, the skin is well designed and the quality craftsmanship. It almost looks like the iPad was actually made of wood. If you aren’t hard on your electronics and want them to have a unique wood finish to them, Woodchuck is a great place to start. They offer cases for as low as $29.99 and custom engraving for an additional $25.

So if you’re looking for a minimalistic style case with a touch of environmentally friendly character, check out Woodchuck at their official website, They have more skins and cases coming out every month and currently, a tablet sleeve Kickstarter Project.

  • Good Craftsmanship
  • Easy to Apply
  • Not Much Protection
  • No Help With Grip
  • One Time Use
Release Date: September 1, 2012
Price: $39.99
Product Info
Features: Available in 3 types of wood
Easy to apply
Everything Else