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Direct Sound Sound Isolation Headphones

Sean W. Nov 21, 2010 0
4 out of 5 Rating

Direct Sound has designed several headphones for the pro musician, live and studio engineer called “Extreme Isolation Headphones.”  They make three models; HP-25, EX-25, and the EX-29 and are competing with popular professional headphones makers like Sennheiser, Sony and Shure.  These headphones promise serious noise reduction.  They were designed by a drummer for use in extremely loud enviornments including right next to a drum kit so the engineer can effectively work and protect their ears.  Two of their models are also headphones for listening to music also.  Let’s see how they stack up.


These headphones are designed for hearing protection by cutting 25db of sound.  They cary a decent size ear cup that will completly cover most peoples ears.  The ear pieces are comfortable and these headphones do an excellent job reducing outside noise.


These headphones are identical to the HP-25 with the addition of being able to listen to music throuth them.  It has a 3m cable and easy to replace ear pads and cable.

Photo Courtesy of Direct Sound


This model has larger earpieces than the other two.  It also does 29db of sound reduction. It also has the easy to replace earpiece and cable.

Photo Courtesy of Direct Sound

How Are They?

These headphones do an excellent job with sound isolation.  Nealy all high volume noise around was gone while wearing any of these sets.

The sound quality of both the EX-25 & is EX29 is excellent.  The isolation allows hearing music through them very accurate, enough for you to trust what you are hearing

They are very light weight with good build quality. The EX-29 has a little bit more open sound, great for critical listening application.  The sound of the EX-25 is more direct, but the sound is good none the less.

Direct Sound has done a great job with the sound, build and quality of these headphones.  In situations where you need to monitor a mix while blocking out surrounding noise, you will hardly fine another set of headphones tht will perform to to this level.