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Griffin TechSafe Locking Case + Cable Lock Review (iPad 2) – Updated

Tony Hannides Oct 13, 2011 2

 We had a chance to check out an accessory for the iPad 2 by Griffin. There are thousands if not millions of cases different materials, colors and styles. Apple has their extra thin Smart Covers that come in different colors but it doesn’t really protect the tablet. If you anything like me, dropping things happen a lot. However, if you’re more prone to walk away from leaving your iPad 2 on a desk, maybe you should lock it up.

ipad case laid out

The case comes in two parts and includes the combination lock. The back piece is made of heavy duty plastic that has all the cutouts for the volume controls, speakers, rear camera, headphone jack and charger port. Also on the rear side of it, there are two fold out pieces that a user can use to prop up their iPad 2. One allows you to prop it nice and high so you can view a movie; the other allows a user to have a slight angle so it’s easier to type on. The front piece slides in from the bottom so it’s less likely to snap off in the event of a drop. Similar to the back piece, the front has cutouts for the front camera and the home button. The lock is similar to a laptop lock. Usually locks will run you around $20 so it’s nice that Griffin includes it with the case. The lock’s cable is very durable and looks to be difficult to cut with anything but a cable cutter.

Once the case is on, it does give the iPad some more weight. Also if you use a stylus, there’s no place to secure it. I didn’t demo a “drop test” but I can only assume the iPad is secure. The case does make the iPad thicker so if you’re looking to keep a streamline and thin case, this is not for you. Also having to bring the cable lock with you everywhere you go seems to be convoluted.

[Update] I had a chance to use the case for a day while at work. First of all, with the extra girth, it was quite clunky to walk around with it. As I mentioned before, it felt solid so even if I had accidentally dropped it the tablet would have been safe. The feel of the plastic was smooth but not too smooth to fall out of my grip. With the two props, I was able to easily unhinge but snapping back into place was tougher. It didn’t seem to fit correctly. I didn’t have any troubles accessing the buttons on the sides or the home key. It did feel different with a hard plastic cutout bordering all the access points but it’s something I could get used to. As for the cameras, the cutouts are done perfectly; ever photograph and video I took with the front and rear camera were clear of the case’s cutout holes.

All in all, the case does exactly what it says in the name so there’s no surprise. It’s durable, the iPad is secured and you have the extra lock for extra security. There is no front cover so it does leave the screen out in the open. If you’ve got kids this case might be perfect in the home environment but for the professional on the go I don’t recommend this one. Griffin makes some great cases for a lot less but for $79.99, the extra cash may give you extra piece of mind.

Rating: ★★★☆☆