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House of Marley Soul Rebel Headphones Review

Sean W. May 26, 2012 0
3.5 out of 5 Rating

House of Marley is a new company creating eco-friendly audio accessories.  The company uses songs of Bob Marley in the naming of their products and the Soul Rebel set is named after the song of the same title.

The Soul Rebel is an on-ear set of headphones, meaning the pads will sit on top of most adult ear sizes, not around the entire ear.   The headphones are extremely light and can be adjusted to most head sizes.  A person can easily wear these on their head and not have to worry about them shifting around.  After long use, though, the pad cushions will still put enough pressure on your ears that could make them uncomfortable.

House Of Marley Soul Rebel 1

The headphone cable is 4-feet, 4-inches long and is made of a fabric with a 1/8″ (3.5mm) angles stereo connector.  The fabric prevents the cable from tangling up which it does a great job at doing.  Not once in weeks of use did a single knot appear in the cable of these headphones.  The cable is very thin and doesn’t look like they will stand up against at lot of abuse so I would warn those who are rough with cables.  The same fabric is used all round the headpiece, giving the Soul Rebel a stylish look.

The headphones do an excellent job at blocking outside sounds but do not completely block all the surrounding noise.  One can still hold a conversation with these on their head, as long as there is no music playing.  These headphones are extremely efficient, giving ample volume from most MP3 players and phones.

House Of Marley Soul Rebel 2

The Soul Rebels are far from flat when it comes to the frequency response but sound great for basic music playback.  The low end frequency is heavily boosted and there is an added sizzle in the higher frequencies, both characteristics that, normally, would not be attractive in a set of headphones, but in the case of the Soul Rebels, it became its greatest feature.  While playing MP3/AAC quality music, the headphones created the “loudness” sound that we commonly boost on most car stereos or in the EQ settings of our favorite MP3 player.   All genres of music sounded exciting through these headphones and made using them a pleasure.  After a long time of listening, I would start to have some ear fatigue which would also set in around the time the ear pads become uncomfortable.  At this moment, you have to take them off.

Playing back uncompressed music (.wav,.aif) would push the headphones to the limit where the speakers sounded like they wouldn’t be able to handle much more.  The sound was just about too much for them when they were used in a studio recording situation.  The frequency response of the Soul Rebel was seemingly designed for .MP3 and .AAC playback, which it works wonderfully.

House Of Marley Soul Rebel 5

The Soul Rebel headphones are really good sounding headphones for playback of .MP3 and .AAC files.  The headphones are extremely light weight and the pads are comfortable to wear.  With the Soul Rebel’s being headphones of the on-ear type, they will put pressure on your ears which will cause your ears to tire after long use.  The sound of these headphones is hyped is a great way, making different genres of music all sound like live rock concerts in your ears.  The cable seems thin so pulling on it is not recommended.  It’s also only 4′ 4″ long which limits the headphones use to jeans pocket or a backpack for the sound source.  Overall, the Soul Rebels are a good set of headphones that have a unique style and a lot of boom.