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iFolio for the iPad by Newer Technology Review

Tony Hannides Sep 2, 2012 2
3 out of 5 Rating

The iFolio for the iPad is a premium folio. Usually the folios I’ve reviewed were a good solution for everyday use but the iFolio is different. It adds a good amount of protection to the iPad and has extra pockets to carry business cards, a pen and lose papers. However, because of its bulk, it is a little cumbersome to handle. Let’s take a closer look at it.


The iFolio is made of premium Brazilian leather. It comes in multiple colors including red, black, green, orange and blue. There’s a zipper that closes the folio shut and for added piece of mind, you’ve got the option to use the handle or the shoulder strap. Inside the folio, the iPad straps in on the right and papers, pens and business cards go on the left. Actually, there’s only one slot for a pen/pencil, the business card slots are too thin to hold more than 5 business cards or up to two credit cards.

The iFolio is supposed to be compatible with all generations of the iPad. However, it is my belief that the iFolio was originally designed for the first generation iPad. I tried using the iFolio with the second generation iPad and it fits; but it’s very snug. Plus, if you had any plans to use the rear camera of the iPad, there’s no opening. Because of the straps’ design, the headphone jack and on/off switch are almost covered. At least the charger port and speakers aren’t covered.



The iFolio is great protection for the iPad and it has a professional style to it. However, it just isn’t practical for everyday use. The straps partly cover important ports and buttons to the iPad, the credit card/business card slot doesn’t hold enough but it’s great for keeping up appearances. If you’re used to a ledger style notepad or notebook, this folio might work well for you. But if you want easily accessible ports, cameras, lightweight design and protection, this isn’t the best option.


You can buy an iFolio directly from Newer Technology on their official website. The premium black or red iFolio is $129.99 and the other colors are $199.99.

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