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InFamous 2: Festival of Blood Review

Sean W. Nov 1, 2011 0


InFamous 2: Festival of Blood is a standalone downloadable game based in the InFamous 2 world.  The game is a story told by Zeke while hitting on a woman in a bar.  The story is about a Halloween celebration in the city of New Marais taken over by vampires.  Cole, the protagonist, has been bitten by a vampire and has 8 hours to kill the master vampire who bit him or himself become one.

The gameplay takes place on just one of the three islands from inFamous 2.  The missions are similar to those found in inFamous 2 with a large amount of enemies to combat.  There are three types of new enemies, two very quick vampires to fight and one mini-boss called a firstborn.  These enemies all have the ability to teleport making nearly every fight a bit of work.  The female vampires attach to walls and wields dual Uzis and can be quite an annoyance to keep up with.

Cole has a few new powers to play with also.  The big one is the ability to become a group of bats and fly to any location.  This new power runs off blood with can be refilled by either finding a blood vase which are around the world or by biting humans, which are all over the place.  Cole also gains vampire sense which will allow him to seek out hidden vampires, blood vases or teaching from the antagonist, all of which will upgrade either Cole’s powers or energy bar.

The story of Festival of Blood isn’t very long.  There are only 6-8 story missions that need to be done to complete the story.  After completion, they world is reset with Cole maintaining his vampire powers for users to run around and have fun.  The game also supports user generated content like inFamous 2, so more missions created by other gamers are available to have fun with.

Festival of Blood is inFamous in a familiar setting with new powers and enemies.  The story is good enough to get the job done and tell what is going on.  The battles are excellent, just like in inFamous 2, and will keep you on your toes while fighting for survival.  At only $10, this is a fun game fans of either inFamous 1 or 2 should check out.