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iOS App: mScribble

Tony Hannides Feb 9, 2012 0

mscribble for iOS screenshot

If you’re at all like me, you hate being bored. With today’s smartphones, you can always find an app to fill the void. While we were at AppNation in San Francisco, I talked to David Place, the President/CEO of Panpipes Ho! about his new iOS app called mScribble. The concept of the app is quite simple. You choose some background music but you’re the lead musician. Your job is to literally scribble on the screen of you device. Swiping up and down will produce scales or arpeggios. If you shake the iPhone/iPad, you’ll produce vibrato. Once you’ve made your masterpiece, you can then save it to your hard-drive, send it through email and share it on SoundCloud. Check out our exclusive video demoing this app:


I have to say, at first I wasn’t quite sure how much fun I would have with this app. I’ve got 2 DJ apps, a drum app and some other cool interactive music apps. But once I started trying out different background music, I was having a lot of fun. Also, if you’ve got young ones in the family, this will be a great fun free app.


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