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Review of iShieldz Screen Protector for iPhone 4/4S (Video) (Updated)

Andrew Lee Jun 4, 2012 4
4 out of 5 Rating

[UPDATE] The team at iShieldz wanted to let us and our readers know that the bubbles that appear after pealing off the application layer goes away within 12 hours. Even Andrew noticed they started to fade away within a few hours.

iShieldz offers a product that not only protects your iPhone screen and is durable, but it also happens to be DIY friendly. Unlike many other products that happen to have the same purpose, the iShieldz screen protector with their auto align system and dry seal technology, installs in a matter of minutes. The iShieldz patented protection system is compatible with all versions of the iPhone 4/4s and will keep your screen safe from scratches and dings. In addition, the iShieldz protective film is superior to its competitors as it is so clear to the naked eye that you would have forgotten that you had it on, all the while being virtually indestructible that it is being used by the US Military to protect the rotary blades of their helicopters.

Unpacking & Installing

Within the plastic package, it includes a roller, a microfiber cloth, instructions, and a flat rubber piece to smooth out the edges and any bubbles that appear. iShieldz spares no details as the retail packaging itself has step by step labeled instructions in addition to the manual to walk you through the installation process without any problems.

The retail packaging acts as a mounting apparatus during the installation process as it secures your iPhone in a cradle-like fashion, preventing the screen protector from installing incorrectly. In order to insure a proper install, the applied area for the screen protector needs to be cleaned, which I did with the microfiber cloth which was included, clearing any dust or dirt that may have accumulated there. From there, applying the screen protector was really quick and easy since all that was required was for you to do was to place the screen protector over the subject phone, and run the roller starting from the area that’s labeled to the end of the phone. Once that was completed, the flat piece of rubber smoothed out any bubbles or any areas that were lifting.

This whole process only took anywhere between 2-4 minutes. However, during the screen installation process, there were some bubbles that were still present even after numerous attempts to smooth them out. I manually peeled back the film to smooth out the point where they were present which did indeed remove them but left small smudges underneath which are not highly visible unless you look really close. To ensure a proper installation, I can recommend that you clean your screen with something mild and a soft cloth to make sure that

Performance & Conclusion

The iShieldz screen protector works up to the specifications of what it is designed to do and what iShieldz claims it to be.  The protective film is as what iShieldz says on the product description, “so optically clear you won’t even know it’s there” as the iPhone screen appears fresh straight from the box. It certainly seems to make the screen stand out a lot more and brighter.  The protective layer is definitely functional as i’ve taken a coin like a penny to the screen and scraped at it with no visible signs of it wearing out.

Overall, the iShieldz screen protector is certainly a product that I can recommend to anyone needing to protect their high-tech investment as it is one of many things that people should have for their iPhone. While many of us may not be skilled or talented in Do-it-yourself type of tasks, the patented iShieldz system certainly makes anyone a pro at installing their own screen protector for the iPhone. Retailing on the iShieldz website for $24.97, this is definitely a great buy for something so simple and easy to apply.

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  • Gnarls

    Twice i tried to use one of these, and right away when I tried applying the roller across the phone all that happened was it got stuck at the whole piece that says do not remove fell off…leaving it impossible to get realigned to slide it back on… Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?

  • akela

    i had mine installed where i purchased it and he did it perfectly. However 5 months later it was starting to go very dark almost black and started peeling. I followed the instructions for warranty replacement and was offered a “free” replacement but i was to send 6.00 for Shipping. To me that is not free. I would have thought it would last longer than 5 months. And i did not use any chemicals on it. Only wiped it periodically with the cloth it came with. I had cheap plastic protectors that lasted much much longer. Don’t waste your money on this product.