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Kisai Seven LED Wrist Watch Review

Radford C. Jun 19, 2012 20
4 out of 5 Rating

The Kisai Seven is a rechargeable LED -based wrist watch that wants to “change the way you think about time”. The slogan is a definite play of its exact use. Quite literally, it’s the very thing you’ll be doing when you actually try to tell someone the time with this thing.  At its very core, it’s a watch. It does not predict the weather, massage your arm or make you sandwiches nor does it come with Tron’s disc or armor.  And if you’re this far into the review, something tells me you’re actually Tron, Sam Flynn, or perhaps you have some interest in this product or, at the very least, something to satisfy your curiosity.

From TokyoFlash:

In February 2010, Tokyoflash opened its Design Studio Blog to showcase its concept designs and request ideas for new watch designs from fans. The idea for Kisai Seven was submitted by Scott Galloway and was inspired by one of his favorite films, TRON. Originally called 7R0N on the blog, it was voted as one of the most popular designs by fans. This is the third concept submitted by a fan to become reality.

The Kisai Seven does away with the old watch metaphors of a traditional clock’s numbered dials or hands. Instead, it is replaced by circular and angled lights that create a design that’s foreign enough for the uninitiated to guess the time on your “watch” while getting sci-fi heads to give a double take. It’s designed to be conversation starter and the company hopes that this kind of uniqueness will continue selling units. The Kasai Seven comes with extra wrist straps, a tiny screwdriver and a USB-based adapter to recharge your watch.


How To Tell Time With The Kasai Seven

The LEDs are readable during the brightest of days and obviously in the dark and it works effectively in this instance. At the same time, they still retain a high level of contrast thanks to the black strap that is used as the backdrop for the design. Ultimately, it makes the clock easy to read.


The Kasai Seven requires some cutting to get fitment down but once you get pass the nerve of doing so, you get a lightweight watch that has a seamless look. No buckles with hole straps here. The strap is made of polyurethane and makes use of a seamless butterfly clasp at the back. The clasp is made of stainless steel and it doesn’t pinch the skin either. Overall, the watch can to snap on and off easily without much trouble.

Ease Of Use

The Kasai Seven allows you to set the time and animation. There’s only two buttons so setting the time is a matter of holding one of those buttons. In this particular model, holding the “B” button (lower button from the top)  puts the watch into setting mode. Button “A” changes the time while button “B” confirms and moves on to the next part of time that needs adjusting. The watch also has 3 selectable animations which vary from pulsing the display often, every 30 seconds or every 5 minutes. All three of the animations light up the display to show the current time and doesn’t change the way you look at time (pun intended). Of course, you can turn the animations off altogether.

The charging port is covered by a screw and, if you didn’t read the instructions, it may lead you to think that you’d have to remove the plating completely to recharge the battery. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case. All it takes is one tiny turn of the screwdriver and the hole where the screw used to be becomes the port for the charging jack. Even if you lost the tiny screw, the plating would not fall from the watch. You can walk around without the screw but you’d probably feel a little incomplete not having it on.

Quality Of Materials

The Kasai Seven is made of high-quality ABS Plastic and Stainless Steel. The watch can withstand some minor abrasions and scratches, thanks to its matte look. The strap materials are well designed and etched in a way to give the watch a more solid feel thanks in part of the corner edging and sharp clean lines.

Battery Life

The watch uses a PL402525 USB rechargeable battery.  Too bad the only solid indicator for low battery are dim lights or no lights. On the recharging end, the watch will tell you it’s fully charged by showing you a solid light versus a blinking one.  TokyoFlash estimates that a single charge can last at least a month barring animations and the watch can approximately handle 300 charges.With animations, who knows? But we’ll update those findings here. The watch also has limited resistance to water and we trust TokyoFlash when they say that you shouldn’t swim with the thing.


It’s a fun watch to have. It’s a reliable, cool, hip and interesting at approaching how we read time. It can catch a cute stranger’s eye at a party. But even if you’re not looking for the attention at all or you’re simply a fan in sci-fi like designs (who doesn’t like Tron?), the watch is a robust device that is reliable, durable and comfortable. And although one can’t help that a single charge on the watch could potentially carry a month’s worth of use for every charge, I’m betting I can take it farther since I’m not a frequent clock watcher nor do I have the desire to see the time every hour with animations pulsing all the time. Those are negligible factors.

So is it worth it? This reviewer thinks so.


Kasai Seven Time Diagram

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  • Ruben Carrington

    Hi Guys, i was wondering if anyone knows if the Kasai Seven’s batteries can be replaced once the 300 charged have been reached or is that it and one would have to by another one to replace it?
    Thank You.

    • Tony Hannides

      Ruben, here’s an answer directly from a TokyoFlash rep:

      Quick answer, no the battery cannot be replaced, Kisai Seven uses a built in battery like that used in an iPod.
      However, Tokyoflash would be willing to replace the module free of charge if it runs out of battery.
      We expect on average use, the battery would last many many years.

  • Rossshhaaann

    Will it be good for girls?