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Logitech Harmony Adapter for the Playstation 3 Review

By Tony Hannides On Mar 14, 2013 0
5 out of 5 Rating


In order to use your Logitech Harmony remote with your Playstation 3, you need to have an adapter. Hence, Logitech created the Harmony Adapter for Playstation 3. While I’m not sure why the Harmony remotes just don’t have Bluetooth already but we can’t change that. The fact is, once you have the adapter hooked up to your PS3 and dialed into your remote, you can use your Harmony remote with every PS3 remote function available; all 51 of them.


Inside the box you’ll find the adapter, a quick setup guide and the power supply. That’s it.


As mentioned before, the Harmony Adapter for the Playstation 3 works with all 51 remote functions for the PS3. You can pause, fast forward, activate the same function as the PS button, subtitles and more. Other than the power supply, there’s one additional plug for an IR extender (sold separately) and a one touch button to connect the PS3 via Bluetooth. The adapter is always on so if you set one of the functions to turn on the PS3, the adapter will always receive it and comply. I’ve been using it for a little over 3 days and it works seamlessly. However, upon reading reviews of the device on Logitech’s website, users have said the adapter does not stay on after 12-18 months of use. All I can say at this point, we’ll have to come back and revisit that in a year’s time. But until then, it’s never turned off on me.


As mentioned in the video, setting up the adapter to the PS3 takes a little under 10 seconds. Just hold down the button long enough for the light on the front to flash, put the PS3 into “pairing” mode in the settings menu and that’s it. No passcode needed.

The biggest hurdle I came across was setting up the adapter with my Logitech Harmony 700 remote. The adapter is compatible to all Harmony remotes so I didn’t think there would be an issue. With the Harmony 700, you have to manually enter each of your devices and their model numbers into the remote’s database. Finding the database wasn’t difficult whatsoever. But even after a successful entry and creating an “activity,” the PS3 did not turn on. In fact, setting up the remote and the adapter took over a day; but in the end it finally worked.


Again, the setup of the adapter proved to be a tad problematic, but it was quickly rectified. So with regard to ease of use, it’s super simple to use once the setup is complete. You don’t really use the adapter any more. There’s no on/off switch to worry about. Just as long as the “Activity” you create in your Harmony remote is properly configured, everything will work out fine.


Still, I don’t know why Logitech decided against including Bluetooth in the design of the remote. It’s possible that mapping the buttons over a Bluetooth connection proved to cause more harm than good. Nevertheless, the adapter works as expected and now it’s finally nice to get rid of all the extra remote controls. I don’t know if this adapter will work on the PS4 but since the connection to the PS3 is just Bluetooth, I’m sure it’ll work. But don’t quote me on it. Until then, if you need your Harmony remote to work with your PS3, the Harmony Adapter for the Playstation 3 is exactly what you need.

  • Easy to connect to the PS3
  • Works with every major PS3 remote function
  • No wires except for power
  • Not so easy to connect with Harmony remote
Model No: 943-000029
Price: $62.99
Product Info
Features: Works with Harmony Remotes
Supports all 51 PS3 commands
BlueTooth wireless link
Simple guided on line set-up
Always-On AC power
Everything Else
Dimensions: 0.8 x 3.2 x 2.4 in / 20.32 x 81.28 x 60.96 mm
Weight: 15.8 oz / 447.92 g